366 Consecutive Days of Now and Zen – Check!

Time for a little celebration. Salud!
Time for a little celebration. Salud!

“Sometimes I get nervous when I see an open door. Close your eyes. Clear your heart. Cut the cord.”                                                                       ~The Killers

Well, I did it! If I were Victor Cruz, I’d be doing my end zone salsa dance right about now. Three hundred sixty-six consecutive days of blogging completed and thus my personal experiment has come to an end. When I started this quest last December, my goal was to write every day for a year. I have done that. Each and every day I wrote, although a handful of posts didn’t actually get published on their own actual day because I was up editing into the wee hours of the morning. But, each and every post was written on the day intended. Through the process I’ve grown quite a bit. I find that it’s now easier for me to write. The words flow more quickly. My editing skills, long since lost in my brain after years of hearing only about Thomas the Tank Engine, dinosaurs, Star Wars, sharks, Ninjago, and now My Little Pony, have been resurrected. I feel, for the first time since I left my writing and editing career to stay home with my infant son in June 2001, like an actual writer and not just someone who claims to be a writer but has no proof. It’s been stressful, frustrating, enlightening, challenging, inspiring, exhausting, and rewarding. There were many days when I nearly called it quits, but I soldiered on, sometimes begrudgingly shoved by my loving husband who would never let me give up and who constantly reminds me how capable I am. I’m not actually closing my doors and folding up shop. I’m simply cutting back so I free up time for other types of writing. I’m taking a few, solid days of sabbatical each week so I can explore the path before me. I’m not disappearing, just cutting back.

It’s difficult sometimes to see the familiar past as it fades to black in your rear view mirror. Although I’m not a sentimental woman, it will be different not moaning every day that “I have to go write my blog.” Now a couple days a week I’ll instead be whining that “I have to go work on my book,” whatever that book may be.  Right now, I feel like an endurance athlete who has been training religiously for a long-distance event. Today was the last day of training. Now I start my around-the-world trek. I’m nervous, but it’s in that really cool, the-universe-is-full-of-opportunities sort of way. Truth is that I like looking forward rather than looking back. I prefer the width and breadth of the future to the confines of the past. In the future, there is no box into which I must fit or mold into which I must fall. I’m free. That freedom is both liberating and terrifying, but it’s time. I need to stop talking about doing what now, after 366 days, I am certain I can. Taking a deep breath, closing my eyes, clearing my heart, and cutting the cord.


  1. You deserve a break — and the world will not end it you do (though you might feel like it has). I only write three posts a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and sometimes feel trapped — I can’t imagine writing a blog article every day (I spend several hours a day writing at my office during “real” work).

    1. I think that having a posting routine is key, but it is difficult. And, for all the riding you do, writing a blog about riding is a sub-hobby of the original obsession. That’s a lot of work, especially when you have a “real” job! Good on you. 🙂

  2. It has been a delight-to travel with you during the past year. I am looking forward to your next adventure. Keep us posted. All aboard….

  3. Congratulations! Reminds me of the year I wrote a poem for each month, and it had to be written during that month to truly capture the feel of it. Some of the pieces are a bit clunky and forced, and I wouldn’t publish them, but I fulfilled the commitment to the project!
    Can’t wait for the sneak previews of your BOOK!!!!

    Take care and keep in touch.


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