Sometimes Even Thinking About Writing Is Hard Work

This is what my vacation looks like.

I spent all of today (plus two hours last evening) at an informational seminar geared toward helping aspiring writers publish their book. I heard about this seminar through a Facebook friend who has actually managed to do just that. He and his wife published their book called Have Kids — Will Travel, all about ways to see the world with your children without having to sell the family home to do it. With all the changes in the world of publishing today, with the proliferation of eBooks and with the possibilities created by the self-publishing industry, it got me to thinking that perhaps the idea of publishing a book of my own might not be such a lofty dream. So, Friday morning I boarded a plane to Salt Lake to attend this seminar. I wanted a chance to talk with other authors, to find out what has worked and not worked for them. I wanted to catch a glimpse of what I might be getting myself into before I invested hundreds (or, god forbid, thousands) of hours of my precious time here on this earth writing something that perhaps not one other person will ever read. I thought I would look before I leap.

Writing is tough. Unearthing your subject is difficult. Finding your muse is time consuming. Putting words onto a screen is work. Self-editing is tedious. Professional edits are heartbreaking. Revisions are exhausting. The entire writing process is tantamount to giving birth, but instead of the birthing process taking somewhere between a few minutes and 36 hours, writing a book can suck years out of your life. Years. Several authors I talked to today said their books took them between 6-8 years to complete. Wow. Am I really up for that? That’s a lot of freaking time to spend on something that may not ever earn me a greenback. At least at the end of my previous two deliveries I had another human life to show for my effort.

The main thing I learned today is that sometimes even thinking about writing is hard work. My head hurts. I learned a great deal over the eight hours I spent at Book Camp this weekend…how to format my manuscript, how to prepare it for submission to publishing companies, what options exist in self-publishing and eBooks, how to format a pBook, and ways to market and sell my work. I took copious notes on both paper and my laptop. I did research on my iPhone while listening to the instructors. There is so much for me to mull over. Not right now, though. Right now, all I need is a glass of wine to help me shut off my brain. So, since I am on vacation (my kids are at home with their very accommodating father while I take this personal time), I am going to find myself a state liquor store, pick up some take out, and settle down for the evening with a good book. After all, this journey was all about books. I should toast to that, right? If all goes well, maybe someday another woman will sit in her hotel room reading my book and while sipping her sauvignon blanc.




  1. Hi, what is your book about and do you plan for it to be an ebook or print?

    Please check out my blog for new book Mr Wrong, “a humorous and insightful exploration into why some women continually attract Mr Wrong and negative relationships and how to set out on a positive path to discover Mr Right.” There are some, excerpts, thoughts and views from both men and women and some personal stories from women. Feel free to leave a comment or share a story. I’d love to hear your thoughts. 🙂

  2. Completely agree, you have your good days and bad but when you finally finish that long haul finger marathon – the feeling is tremendous 🙂 keep going its worth it

  3. I believe that I am “writing” every minute that I am awake. It involves a way of regarding the world around me, of seeing things and sealing the image in my head for future reference. It amazes me how often I encounter people who seem totally oblivious to their surroundings. Re publication: I have long since ceased to worry about that. I just write when it’s pressing to be expressed and love the birth of the baby, to use your analogy.

  4. You write so well, your expressions are spot on and that makes it all so easy and enjoyable to read your posts. You have a super-rich talent. Hope it all goes well “out there” and that many a greenback comes your way :D. I thought this post was SO well written and yet it only generated 11 Likes. I read other posts that are not nearly as good and they get 180 to 300 Likes. Freaking frustrating trying to figure out what gets people going!

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