My Old Foe, Spring Forward — We Meet Again

Daylight Saving Time

I like your bright summer nights

But, today, you suck

I was this many days old when I learned it is actually Daylight Saving Time and not Daylight Savings Time. Live and learn. I think the entire concept of daylight saving is ludicrous. You’re not saving daylight. You’re switching when it is daylight. It’s not as if we hit 2 a.m. on the second Sunday in March and suddenly the sun starts offering up more sun for us to tuck away in our piggy banks and save for a rainy day. Ridiculous!

There is debate to be had about whether it’s better to have a sunnier morning or a sunnier evening. In Arizona, where they don’t observe this daylight saving nonsense, summer makes hella more sense with an earlier sunrise time (when it’s still somewhat bearable outside) and an earlier sunset time (when the temperature is hovering somewhere just below Hades hot). When we lived there, I didn’t enjoy waking up at 5 to get in a walk before it got so hot the soles of my shoes warped, but I sure did enjoy sitting on a hose-misted patio in the moonlight when it was still 95 out but felt much more pleasant without the sun’s brutal rays.

I’m not sure which time I would prefer we stick with but, good goddammit, I really wish we would stick with one. I would not miss this heartless, exhausting, spring-forward nightmare. I mean, going to bed when you are not yet sleepy and waking up a full hour before it makes any sense to be awake is vicious and unnecessary. And yet we repeat this stupidity annually.

Humans. Am I right?

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