When Writer’s Block Is A Brick Wall

Photo by Dan Counsell on Unsplash

I have zero motivation to write lately. Zero. I don’t know why. I was doing really well for a while there, but lately I just can’t seem to care. I’ve been trying to determine where my writing energy went, but I have no answers. I am going to recommit myself to this tomorrow. For now, though, I’m going to get some rest. Oh…and finish watching stupid videos on YouTube of multimillion dollar homes for sale.


  1. I’m curious if you have done “The Artist Way”? It opened up my creative channel and I haven’t had any issues with writer’s block. Also, I share with you the mantra of a writing coach – “Courage, Compassion, Consistency”

    1. I will look into “The Artist Way.” Sometimes I think my writer’s block issues come more from laziness than anything else. I have posted something every day since late July, but lately I think I am simply tired of doing it.

  2. Sometimes a part of me that wants to protect will put up many road blocks on what I’ve wanted to do. Rest now.

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