The Hummingbird Parallel

Hummingbird haiku

I was sitting on the back deck today as a hummingbird blew past me on the way to our feeder. I love watching them, so I was grateful when we finally got this feeder up and less than an hour later we had a visitor. I gazed at this speedy creature, mesmerized by its grace and fluidity as its wings fluttered at 53 beats per second, and then it whizzed past me again. It was gone. I realized then what a hummingbird reminds me of. A hummingbird is basically a teenage boy. He’s invisible most of the time. You can’t find him when you are looking for him. But when you put food out, he shows up, blowing past you as if you are of no concern. He devours what you offer. And then the teenage boy, like the hummingbird with its belly full, is gone again. But don’t worry. He always needs food, and as long you provide it you will occasionally catch a glimpse of him, no matter how ephemeral it might be.


  1. We put up a hummingbird feeder but a noisy woodpecker sucks it all down in a single day. I haven’t figured out what to do about it, except not fill it anymore.

    1. Well, that is not ideal for certain. I did not know woodpeckers were partial to nectar or would try to access the feeder. We had to stop filling our regular feeders because we had a bunch of pigeons pooping all over our patio and deck and then a grackle showed up and started attacking the song birds. 🙄

      1. That’s too bad about the pigeons. I ordered an AI bird feeder that will identify all the birds for me. I can’t wait for it.

  2. My brother-in-law was having to fill his hummingbird feeders so often and wondered if it was the hummingbirds who were the culprit and really that thirsty. Then he saw a family of raccoons visit the feeder. They were turning it up and drinking it like it was a whiskey bottle! Too funny.

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