It’s Not A Webby, But It’s As Close As I’ll Ever Get

If my kids gave me an award, I bet it would look an awful lot like this.

A couple days ago, a very kind fellow blogger who goes by memyselfandkids nominated my blog for a Word Press Blogging Award which, as far as I can tell, is simply a nice way to recognize someone who has written something that appealed to you. These kinds of awards pass around often on Word Press, so actually they’re something between a chain letter and a blog advertisment rather than a true award. Still, I was quite flattered that someone would share a link to my work on their blog. Maybe that’s because I don’t 100% believe that anyone reads what I write on, even though I put it out there. My blog is writing practice, a way to work out the plethora of information in my busy mind.

One of the things I was asked to do upon receiving this award was mention some personal things about myself that perhaps are unknown. Here they are:

1) In 2002, after a long-standing, bitter feud with my body, my gallbladder and I parted ways. My appendix followed suit in 2009. Apparently, my internal organs get the seven year itch.

2) I do not like root beer.

3) My favorite color is apple green.

4) I have hypermobile metacarpophalangeal joints. (I can bend my fingers back to form a 90-degree angle with my hand.)

5) The other day while on my way home from a walk I picked up a dead snake from the road where it had been squished and tossed it into an open field with my bare hands just to ensure it had a more private final resting spot. I believe in the dignity of life and death, even for snakes. (Yes. I did wash my hands immediately afterward.)

6) My Myers-Briggs personality type is INTJ.

7) If I’d won PowerBall yesterday, I’d be writing this from a luxury resort somewhere in the South Pacific today.


Because it’s only fair to share love, here are 9 places I’ve found something to relate to, contemplate, and enjoy:

1) memyselfandkids

2) ourboler

3) clotildajamcracker

4) raisingarealist

5) rcgale

6) candidconcourse

7) goalhabits

8) eternaldomnation

9) broadside

I’m going to keep on writing. Not because I expect any awards or am seeking some sort of fan base for my site, but because it’s one of the hardest things I do and still manage to love. Thanks for thinking of me, memyselfandkids. I appreciate the shout out.


  1. Your photo is hysterical! My two boys had a good laugh. I, too, write just to get it out of my ahead. I just started my blog but it seems to keep me writing something, so far. Your post appealed to me. Thanks for writing! Cheers!

  2. The photo is of a creation my son Luke built a couple years ago when he was in his “torture Barbie” phase. I have many more photos of tortured barbies, which I find completely hysterical and other moms find a bit disturbing. Thanks for the nice comment. 🙂

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