I Am A Golden Goddess!

My screaming deal on designer denim

Yesterday, I posted that I hate shopping for shopping’s sake. I hate trying on clothes. I hate shopping around. I prefer to get what I would like to have with the least amount of actual physical effort and for the least amount of money. Normally, this means that I happen across something that I want in a store, say a pair of shoes. Then, I go home and look for them online for the least amount of coin and free shipping. It’s a combination of laziness and my incredible desire to avoid having to speak with an actual sales associate in a store. I won’t drive all over town looking for deals because I can find them on my computer without having to come in contact with another human being. I don’t even need to greet the UPS or FedEx employee when they leave my purchases on my porch. I’m oh-so stealthy like that.

Today, however, I was forced to go shopping in a store. Months ago I purchased a deal through LivingSocial for designer denim from The Blue Jeans Bar. Last year, I bought my first pair of quality jeans there and blogged about it. Ever since I bought my Fidelity jeans, I’d been meaning to go back to buy another pair. The coupon gave me $75 to spend for $35. Most of the jeans in that store run between $150-$225 a pair, so a $40 savings is quite helpful. About a month ago, I received an email notice that the store I purchased the coupon for was moving from Littleton to Vail. Knowing I would be way too lazy to drive to Vail for shopping I didn’t really want to do in the first place, I made a mental note to get into the store before they moved. The email said they were moving on the 29th, so today I hauled myself down there.

A handwritten sign on the door noted that they were closing the 25th. Holy cow was I cutting it close. In preparation for the move, they’d liquidated most of their stock. The sales gal gave me two pairs in my size from the slim pickings on the shelves, a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of trouser jeans. I tried them both on and was amazed to find that they both felt and looked great. I figured I had the coupon and they were marked down so I could probably squeak by with getting both without hubby raising his eyebrows at me.

The sales gal rang them up to the tune of $160. I pulled out my coupon. She wasn’t sure I could use it with the sale items. Dang! I strong-armed myself into believing that I was getting two for the price of one so it was still a good deal. After a minute, she seemed to reconsider the coupon and said, “What the heck? We’re closing tomorrow anyway.” I’m guessing she didn’t want to have to pack them up for the move. Score!

My grand total for the two pairs came to $86. I handed her my debit card, she bagged them up, and I walked out of the store on Cloud 9 3/4. Seriously? When do I ever get deals like this? When do the stars align and I find denim at more than 50% off AND have a coupon too? I did the math. I saved 68%. I’m sure that in the history of shopping, greater deals have been had…but not by me. All I know is that every time I put on those perfect jeans, I’m going to feel comfortable, fashionable, and smug because I will know that my 7 For All Mankind jeans cost me less than $43. Today, I am a golden goddess of shopping.

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