Shallow Thoughts

Quintecential? Seriously? And people think they don't need writers or editors. 😉

Okay. So my last post was a bit sappy and showcased my deeper, more intellectual side. Rereading it this morning, I realized that I sometimes present myself as a caring, open-minded, tolerant, and hopeful person. And, I am those things occasionally…when the sky is lovely or I’ve had a glass or two of really good Cabernet. Right after I reread my blog, though, I hopped onto a web site to sign hubby and I up for a wine school class in January, and the regular catty me returned. Why? Because lo and behold, what do I find right there in the first line of text about the class? A misspelled word. Gasp!!!

I’d love to give the wine school owners the benefit of the doubt and tell you that it was simply a typo. But, it was most certainly not a typo. They spelled “quintessential” like this —–> “quintecential.” I had to look at it several times to figure out what it was exactly I was looking at. It’s probably a common error with that word…mistaking the “sent” part of the word as “cent” without realizing that the essential part of the word is actually the entire word “essential.” I mean, quintessential means “the pure and essential essence of something.” (See. Some of us know how to use a dictionary.) Come on, people. You run a business. Certainly you can flip on spell check or hire someone to review your site before you go live. I understand you’re a wine school and not a grammar school and perhaps you were a bit tipsy while creating the site, but this is basic good business sense. If you’re not good with numbers, you hire an accountant. If you’re not great with spelling or proofreading, hire someone to do it for you or else your wine school might end up being the subject of someone’s blog post because of poor spelling and not great wine. 😉




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