Deep Thoughts

Sunset photo taken by my friend Shari tonight

My kids are a lot like their mother. They talk too much. They prove to me daily that my mother’s comment that she hoped I had children just like me was actually a curse. To top it off, they are also deep thinkers (well, at lease one of them is), just like their mother.  Today as we were driving to and from appointments we spent about an hour and a half in the car. Car time is my favorite time to converse with them. We talk about life, listen to each others’ joys and concerns, and find out what we each think. I love that we have uninterrupted time to bounce ideas off each other. It’s hard to catch my kids for a conversation on a normal day, but in the car they’re trapped. And, I’m in control of the radio and our destination. There’s not much they can do. When they’re teenagers I am certain they will threaten to jump from my moving car on the highway if I don’t stop talking to them, but we’ll fall off that bridge when we come to it.

Most of today’s topics of conversation came straight out of a couple episodes of Little House on the Prairie. (I mentioned that show is under our skin right now.) Courtesy of an episode about a blizzard, we talked about frostbite and hypothermia, touched on faith and hope, and then danced over guilt and regret and the dreaded “what if” question. Then we skipped topics and talked about their view of their relationships with their grandparents. Later on we talked about my friend Gretchen, who is hospitalized right now, and how fragile yet resilient the human body is, how humans can incredibly withstand so much while still remaining so delicate. Soon after, we contemplated how wonderful our planet is and how intricately interwoven we are with it, in it, and with other persons and creatures.

Then, as if trying to provide proof of its shock-and-awe power, the universe offered us a stunning, orange and blue Colorado sunset. The sky, while mostly clear, was highlighted in spots with alto cumulus clouds that reflected the setting sun brilliantly. I pointed it out to the kids who wisely agreed that it was beautiful. We oohed and ahhed over the scene, and I reminded them what a gift life is and how we should appreciate each and every moment that we have on earth as if its the last one we will ever have. I told them again that I love them and that they are great boys. And, then I dropped them off at their aunt’s house for a visit and drove away filled with gratitude for my chattering little monkeys.

I am inordinately lucky to have the children I have. Despite our struggles, we teach each other more than I ever imagined we would. I know we’re never guaranteed tomorrow, so I’m just going to sit here for a few minutes right now and be glad I had today with them.


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