Icy Roads With A Chance Of Say Your Prayers

This is the forecast for the morning commute tomorrow. Ask me how excited I am. They might as well have written this:

Tomorrow morning your commute will be shitty. Make sure you have your insurance card ready for the accident you will likely be involved in. If you do manage to avoid an accident, rest assured it will take you a full hour longer to get where you are going. Oh….and the roads will be ice covered in snow for the afternoon commute, so that should be fun. Good luck, losers.

I mean, with recent Covid-19, work-from-anywhere transplants from Texas, Florida, California, and Georgia will be on the roads. How bad could this be?

Let’s go!


  1. As soon as I read that forecast, I thought, boy, THAT would send all of us good southerners running to the store for bread and milk for sure! Honestly, we make fun of ourselves for doing that. But still, we do it. Go figure.

    1. I don’t enjoy it for sure, but it’s not totally unfamiliar. I did go to the store, though, but on the way home after driving through it.

      1. I have a friend whose daughter lives and goes to college in Fort Collins, CO and she was telling me about the ice storm this morning. She ended up being late to her classes as she had to drive so slow. Then classes were cancelled. I guess you guys ARE more used to that kind of weather. Hope it melts off soon!

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