Paradise – Day Five

No...your OTHER right.
No…your OTHER right.

Today started very early and far too harried as we realized that our alarm had failed us and we were already 15 minutes behind schedule. We hastily threw ourselves together and somehow managed to get ourselves to the kayak company for our morning paddle just a few minutes after 7 a.m. Determined not to let our weak start ruin our morning, we bucked up and got our kayaks onto the river. When we were in the Galapagos Islands last summer, we did some kayaking with the boys. Kayaking on the ocean when the wind and the currents are working against you is a tough proposition for most people. Doing that with two boys who haven’t been in a kayak before is even more work still. But kayaking on open ocean in wind and strong currents with novice paddlers, one of whom is ADHD and on vacation from medication, is borderline insanity. Our decision to take the boys kayaking again today is testament to either our optimism or our insanity.

Luke crosses the stream
Luke crosses the stream

The plan was to paddle up the Wailua River to the jumping off point for Secret Falls. As the kayak dude was explaining the trek, I started to wonder if we’d perhaps bitten off more than we should chew. Kayak up river. Pull the kayaks out at the trailhead. Cross a stream using a rope to help us through the current. Trek for a mile and a quarter through the mud (it poured again last night) and eventually arrive at a “secret” falls (that isn’t really secret at all) for a little swim.

Luke wades in at not-so Secret Falls
Luke wades in at not-so Secret Falls

We did a pretty good job with the paddling, which is to say no one died or was murdered in the paddle upriver. The hike went fairly well too. And being experienced hikers we did quickly make our way to the falls, which were definitely worth the muddy trek. Another family from Colorado was finishing up their time at the falls, so we were able to have them to ourselves for a few minutes. We all got into the pond for our photo op under the falls. Then, wet and muddy we slipped carelessly back to our kayaks for the trip downriver. Again no one died or was murdered, so we decided to consider the adventure a success.

Big enough for 4 people to share!
Big enough for 4 people to share!

Post adventure we were starved so we headed to The Fish Hut in Kapa’a where we all had (big surprise) fish. Even Luke, who had never been willing to try fish before, ate fish and chips. We shared a huge shave ice before heading to Lydgate Beach Park where the boys wanted to snorkel. We were only there for an hour, but tonight I realized that an hour is plenty enough to fry in the Hawaiian sun. Apparently I forgot to put sunscreen on my legs, and this evening they are en fuego. Oh well. At least I won’t be going home as white as I came.

Steve and Joe on our barefoot cruise
Steve and Joe on our barefoot cruise

This evening, after we’d been cleaned of this morning’s mud and this afternoon’s sand, we went on a sunset catamaran cruise around Poipu with Captain Andy’s Sailing. I knew a cruise along the Na Pali coast would be far more scenic, but after reading some reviews on Trip Advisor about boat trips up there in the rough, winter seas I opted to book us onto a southern trek instead. Frankly, the whole idea of paying $80 a person to yak off the back of a boat sounded unappealing. In theory, we took the boat trip to look for whales. Truthfully, we were simply enjoying an evening at sea. For the two hours we were out there we saw nothing but an occasional and quite distant spout. We were on our way back to the harbor when a baby humpback shared its fluke. Although I missed it, both boys saw it. And that is all that matters as Steve and I glimpsed our share of humpback whale flukes while cruising Alaska’s Inside Passage.

All in all it was another successful Hawaiian day. Our plans for tomorrow are loose and undefined, but they will likely involve a beach or two. And barring non-stop rain we’ll probably be trying out some boogie boarding. My main goal for tomorrow is to see if the four of us can go an entire day without acquiring one new patch of sunburn anywhere. It is a lofty goal, but I’m game. My secondary goal, the one which appeals to me far more, is to see if we can try another new place for shave ice. I think I’ve found my new favorite thing. Macadamia Nut ice cream is heavenly.

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