Vegas Hates Me

Parking garage or flood plain?

It rained today. It rained A LOT today. This is a big deal for Denver. It’s an even bigger deal because I’m not in Denver. I’m in LAS VEGAS. I’m fairly certain Vegas hates me. I came here with my mother to help her celebrate her 70th birthday. Believe it or not, my mother had gone all her 70 years on this planet without having been to Vegas. I figured this was some sort of violation of the laws of the universe, so I sought to correct the error by dragging her here for three days. And, what does it do while we’re here in Vegas? In the desert? Where they get an average of 4.5 inches of rain in a year? It rains. And, it doesn’t just drizzle or rain lightly. It pours. In less than twenty four hours, Vegas received double the normal rain accumulation for the entire month of October. I’d think it was amusing (and amazing) but, like most people, I come to the desert for the sun and not the rain. Odd, I know. Not happy.

Then tonight, as I noticed I had just blown another $20 in the penny slot machines, I realized that the rain is simply Vegas weeping for me. I am an absolutely lousy gambler. I blame it on the fact that I don’t usually gamble much when I come here. That and, well, I’m cheap. I hate to throw money away in machines (unless they’re made by Apple). But, my mom came to gamble. And she’s doing fairly well. At least, she’s doing better than I am. So, the deluge of rain must be nothing other than the Sky God mourning the loss of my husband’s hard earned cash. That’s the only explanation I can think of that would explain the flooding in the desert on my vacation. Either that or Vegas just hates me.

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