Twisted Panty Censorship

Nothing like Daffy Duck on a big screen at Red Rocks.

So, we’re on our way home after seeing Iron Man at Film on the Rocks as part of Joe’s 11th birthday celebration. It’s 11:10 p.m. and it occurs to me I have not written anything today. Although we live only 20 minutes from Red Rocks, the traffic cops have closed off our quick route home. It’s times like these that I am infinitely grateful for my trusty iPhone with its Word Press app so I can blog on the fly. It’s an amazing gift to be able to write without restriction.

Last night, I spent time crafting a blog about something my crazy 9 year old said. As usual, I posted it just before my self-imposed midnight deadline and linked it to my Facebook page. This morning when I logged onto Facebook, however, my blog was not there. Curious, I thought. But then I reasoned that perhaps in my exhaustion last night I only thought I had posted it to my page, but it hadn’t gone through. I tried again and received a Facebook pop-up message stating that this link was inaccessible because it was being investigated for being “spammy or unsafe.” What? That made no sense so, determined fool I am, I tried once again to post it. Same message. Bizarre.

I tried to figure out what I had written yesterday that would make someone suggest that my blog was unsafe. Then it hit me that it might be that I used one small swear word. Could that be it? No. Surely “jackass” was not the straw that convinced someone to report my post? Honestly, though, I can think of nothing else in what I said that would warrant flagging as “unsafe.” Luckily, the security reviewers at Facebook saw my post as it was intended to be seen, as a lighthearted, innocuous tale about my two boys, and reposted it to my page once they got it all sorted out.

Maybe we’ve all become a bit too uptight and overly sensitive? I write for myself and publish only as a way to keep myself accountable. If you’re reading along and realize I’ve shared some unsavory language that upsets you, I am sorry. I do not intend to offend. I know we all have different sensitivities. But, if something I write gets your panties in a twist, please do me a favor…simply stop reading. While you may be bothered by what I write, someone else might enjoy it. Reading what shows up in your news feed is a voluntary act. Don’t be a post Nazi and report things merely because you don’t like or agree with them. Tell you what. If you dislike my blog, block my news feed updates or unfriend me all together. I promise I won’t care.


  1. I got a similar message from FB about one of my links the other day…I wonder if it was a glitch?

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