So Say We All

Apollo and Starbuck revisited

I am a Netflix junkie. It’s true. Even when they separated their business parts and started charging more, I stuck with them. Why did I stay when lots of others jumped ship? It’s simple. I don’t watch television. Or, rather, I rarely watch television. So, to fill the space where television would be, I watch movies. Lots of them. And, although I’m too impatient to wait a week for a new episode of a television show, I love to rent four seasons of a show at once and become addicted. It’s the epitome of instant gratification. Sad, but true.

Last night as I was flipping through Netflix on my laptop, in the Recently Added section, I noticed something interesting. They now had the new Battlestar Galactica for instant viewing. Are you kidding me? A couple years ago we discovered the show based on recommendations from some friends. We whipped through the entire series in record time, getting four hours of sleep a night sometimes so that we could watch the series finale in real time (ie., not on DVD for once). We were obsessed, not unlike the couple on Portlandia (another show we watched on Netflix). Pathetic.

“Hey, Steve? Guess what? Netflix now has the entire series of Battlestar for instant viewing.”

“Get out!” he replied.

“No. Look.” I showed him the laptop. The kids were downstairs watching The Adventures of TinTin, so we couldn’t get to the Apple TV down there to watch Netflix. “I guess we could watch it on my laptop up here,” I ventured. I looked at him sheepishly and tossed the bait. “OR we could get one of those new Apple TV units for our bedroom so we could watch the entire series over again up here.”

“I’ll get my shoes,” he squeaked. I’d just made his dreams come true. Only one thing excites Steve more than a trip to the Apple Store, but I can’t talk about that here.

Forty-five minutes later, he was back with an Apple TV unit and a quart of Founder’s Favorite ice cream from Cold Stone because I am the best wife ever. It took him five minutes to get it set up and we were ready to go. Despite still being exhausted from the yearly spring-forward debacle, we stayed up to watch the pilot episode, knowing perfectly well that we were about to begin another period of sleep deprivation. Even though we’d seen it all before, we were ready to do it again. It’s all good. It’s a really great show.

So say we all.





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