To The Contrary

The collateral damage from my feeding frenzy

I am currently not in a very zen place. It’s most likely a hormonally-based response, but right now I want to smack someone over something ridiculous. I am irked at them and even more annoyed at myself for allowing something so petty and pointless to get to me. I’m ashamed to admit that I was angry enough to finish off not one, not two, but ten Girl Scout Trefoil cookies (along with several other items, which shall not be named) in what can only be termed a feeding frenzy of anger.

What egregious infraction could possibly elicit such a vehement response? What could ostensibly send me into a Girl Scout cookie coma? I’ll tell you what. I hate it when people say contrary things merely for the sake of being contrary.

You know what I’m talking about. You’re at your desk chatting with a coworker about a great movie you saw this weekend when someone walks by and overhears your conversation. Suddenly that nosy interloper cuts you off in the middle of a movie review so brilliant that it would bring Roger Ebert to tears and drops this bomb: “I saw that movie. It sucked. It sucked so bad I walked out.” He then tells your friend to save his money, and you sit there, mouth hanging open, dumbfounded and stymied, as the creep walks away like nothing ever happened. I hate that guy.

Perhaps hate is a strong word. Maybe it’s a bit over the top. But, there aren’t words enough to describe how much I dislike it when someone sticks their nose into the middle of something I feel good about just to announce that whatever it is that I’m enjoying is nothing but suckitude. Why? What motivates some people do this? They like to rain on others’ parades? They truly believe their opinion trumps every other one out there? They suffer from Tourette Syndrome-like inability to control their obnoxiously negative comments? Their mother never taught them the adage, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”? Some of the people who are contrary are consistent in their negativity and it wouldn’t matter what you were discussing because they would find a way to send it south. Some of these people would tell you that Mother Teresa was only in it for the publicity.

Now, I know we all have bad days. Sometimes we say things that we shouldn’t. We all have our Negative Nelly moments. But to those people whose entire lives are framed with some sick need to be “right” (whatever that means) 100% of the time in every situation, especially those in which you have no business, do the rest of us a favor and simply keep your comments to yourself. We don’t care if you hated the movie or soup, if you heard the ski conditions were horrible, if you once had the same type car and it was a complete lemon. Let us have our experiences and enjoy our own things and mind your own business. That way, I don’t have to smack you or eat an entire sleeve of Girl Scout Trefoils.



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