Siri-ously…I’m Being Replaced


My sister got an iPhone this weekend. It’s funny how fast technology can take hold of a person. It seems like just yesterday she was questioning me about how to set up  iCloud, and today she used Siri to call me. Wait. It was just yesterday she was asking me about iCloud. See what I mean?

I realized after talking to my sister today that Siri may just replace me as our family’s resident know-it-all.

Kathy: “Siri is amazing. I asked her to remind me to get the license plates, and she actually said What time would you like to me remind you? I told her 2 p.m. and she put it on my calendar. And then I said Call Justine and she did. She’s the best personal assistant ever. Wonder what else I can ask her?”

Me: “You can ask her anything. You can ask her about movies you might want to see or get information on the nearest sushi place. You can have her give you Aunt Helen’s address or put together your shopping list. Wait a minute. Wait just one minute. Something amazing just occurred to me.”

Kathy: “What?”

Me: “Now that you have Siri you’re going to be annoying me a lot less.”

Kathy: “Excuse me?”

Me: “With phone calls, I mean. You know, the ones where you treat me like I’m your personal Google? Now when you have a question about who sings that Don’t You Want Me song, Siri can tell you it’s The Human League and you won’t have to call and ask me about it.”

Kathy: “Huh. I hadn’t thought that.”

Me: “WOOHOO!!! Free at last! Free at last. I thank god I’m free at last!”

Kathy: “Wow. I had no idea you were so vexed by my phone calls.”

Me: “Think of all the free time I’ll have now. I’ll finally be able to take that trip I’ve always wanted to go on but couldn’t take for fear you’d be lost without me.”

Kathy: “Don’t make ask Siri to hang up on you.”

Siri’s entry as the fourth sister in our family is going greatly lessen my frustration at being everyone’s go-to answer person. I can use annoyance reduction wherever I can get it. I thought I might be jealous that Kathy got the iPhone 4S while I was stuck with my lowly iPhone 4, but now I see how shortsighted that thought was. I don’t need the 4S. I merely need every other person in my life to get one so they’ll stop pestering me. Siri may be everyone else’s personal assistant, but she’s my new best friend.


  1. I love my new 4S iPhone, I haven’t used Siri too much yet…. Must give her a try maybe she’ll be the sister I never had. 🙂

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