Drinking Lattes by the Sea, Mamacita

A true friend knows it's totally okay to get you a mug like this.

I got this mug last night from my friend Heather. I’m not exactly sure what the occasion was. She simply said, “It had to be done.” She was right. What makes the mug is that the somewhat vulgar sentiment is put into a heart shape. Nothing is as sweet as a heart with the word motherf@#*er in it, right?

I love that Heather knows me well enough to know that I would appreciate this mug and not find it offensive. On the contrary, I had my latte in it this morning and I will continue to do so every day until the writing wears off and the mug is just plain white (at which point I’ll probably start wondering where the hell I got the plain white mug from). But, what makes this gift unbelievably special is the thought behind it. I honestly believe Heather wants me to write like a motherf@#*er. She wants me to pursue my passion and pour my heart into it. She is with me as I travel down this writing road with its potholes, speed bumps, and unpaved sections. She’s also with me when the highway runs smoothly and we’re cruising with the top down, enjoying the sunshine on our faces. She’s the Louise to my Thelma, and we’re about to have an adventure of epic proportions.

Don’t worry, Heather. I’m not about to give up on writing. I’m going to keep writing like a motherf@#*er. And, I’ll make sure I write a better ending for us than Thelma and Louise got.


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