Sunrise, Sunset

This morning's sunrise...taken with my iPhone

“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.” ~Bern Williams

I am the worst kind of person. The rumors are true. I am a morning person. I rarely tell people that little tidbit about me because most people despise morning people. Damn me for being cheerful when I wake up, for popping out of bed at the first chirp of the alarm, for never hitting snooze, for getting right to work at the business of being alive another day. All right. I will admit that some days I’m slightly less cheerful about the morning than on other days, but that is quickly rectified with adequate consumption of espresso.

One of my favorite things about early morning is being awake to see the sunrise. Because it’s so easy to sleep through them, they are more precious than the sunset. A deeply genuine peace wells in my heart when I watch the sun creep up the horizon and brighten the world. Even after 43 years, the novelty of watching a new day dawn is never lost on me.

Some mornings I will stand in the boys’ bathroom just prior to waking them and wait for the sun to make its appearance. Today, however, I was too busy for standing and just happened to walk by that window and catch a glimpse of the most stunning morning sky I’ve seen in a while. I immediately woke the boys and we all stood there starting out the window in awe. The sky was more impressive than any Fourth of July fireworks display I’ve ever seen. On mornings like this one, I’m hard pressed to find a thing wrong with life on this planet.

To all you non-morning people, you who prefer to abuse the snooze button and sleep in, you have no idea what you’re missing. You’re probably the same people who think it’s romantic to walk off into the sunset. Me? I prefer the idea of walking off into the sunrise. It holds so much more promise.

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