Christmas Break Is An Oxymoron

What happens to my kids when they are out of school for way too long.

Today is the first official day of Christmas break for my kids, which means that for the next 11 days (not including weekend ones), my children will be in my house. Yes. IN it. I will not get my usual 6.5 hours of requisite peace and quiet daily, the same peace and quiet that keeps me from understanding why some species eat their young. I can look forward to knocks on the bathroom door, toys scattered everywhere, and the sound of my own scream as I yell, “Who didn’t flush?” They’ve only been out of school for 23 hours and already the house looks like a herd of wild bison have trampled through. At times like these, I can’t help but contemplate this thought: “Whatever happened to the good old days when kids worked in factories?”

Oh…and did I mention that my husband is off for the next week too?

I hope Santa brings me vodka for Christmas. Just kidding. Sort of.


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