Into the Virtual Wastebasket I Go

I’m in there somewhere

I have started writing this blog tonight no less than four times. Each entry has ended the same way. I select all the text, hit delete, and prepare to start again. I’m crumpling up pages of text virtually and tossing them into an imaginary wastebasket. Why I am struggling so mightily tonight to write? My only explanation is that my thoughts have been scattered today. As a writer, I’m one who needs time to reflect deeply, and my thoughts today have lingered on the shallow end of the pool.

It’s been a long week. My brain feels as abused as a New Jersey shore house battered by Hurricane Sandy. So, rather than spew some nonsense here that can at best be described as the ramblings of a woman overwrought by lying political ads, way too many Skittles, and far too little sleep…all in combination with a slow-moving chest cold…I’m going to pack it in. I am selecting all, hitting delete, and tossing myself into the wastebasket. Time to empty the trash. I can start fresh tomorrow.